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Thursday, Sep 28 2017 @ 7:00pm at Cambridge Main Library

Spellbound: An Urban Fantasy Comics Anthology

Spellbound: An Urban Fantasy Comics Anthology

Spellbound #1

Edited by Olivia Li, Heide Solbrig, Ben Doane, Jamie Koh
 40 pages ~ $ 8 | Black and White | 7 x 8.5 inches

The latest installment in the Boston Comics Roundtable’s ongoing anthology series, delves into city life through the lens of urban fantasy. This collection contains over a dozen stories by Boston-area independent comics creators who challenge the way we view the world by adding a dash of the supernatural into life in the big city. Visually diverse, these tales reveal the magic in both the extraordinary and the mundane of life in Beantown. The stories span from imaginative solutions for the challenges of the immigrant experience, to the dark rites of Patriots fans, to larger-than-life musings of inanimate objects along a Boston skyline. This anthology takes our city and pulls it through the looking glass, and along the way creates a sometimes serious, sometimes silly wonderland of local comics.

Spellbound contains work from L.J. Baptiste, J.L. Bell, W.B. Clem, Patrick Flaherty, Mehitabel Glenhaber, Levon Gyulkhasyan, Paul Hanna, Youngjin Hur, Patrick Jordan, Anthony Lathrop, Dan Mazur, Greg Moutafis, John Quirk, Roho, Catalina Rufin, and Adam Tutkus. The anthology was edited by Olivia Li, Heide Solbrig, Ben Doane, and Jamie Koh.

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