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The Boston Comics Roundtable brings local cartoonists and writers together to collaborate, workshop and socialize. Comic creators of all skill levels are welcome at our weekly meetings in Cambridge's Harvard Square, or join the discussion on our Google Group.

Thursday, Aug 24 2017 @ 7:00pm at Cambridge Main Library

Local Kickstarter Campaigns!



by Ali and Tara ( Who contributed amazing comics to both Hellbound III and Hellbound V)

bad kid

A Bad Kid for All Seasons

With comics by Jonny Bloozit (Contributor to Boundless), Tony McMillen (Oblivion Suite) and Nathan Kitler (Hellbound III).

super wizard

The Super Wizard Returns

by Joey Peters (a long-time member and contributor to Inbound and In a Single Bound. )


If you have a Kickstarter or a new comic book out let us know!
We will be happy to promote and support all our members’ comics related endeavors!