The Boston Comics Roundtable brings local cartoonists and writers together to collaborate, workshop and socialize. Comic creators of all skill levels are welcome at our weekly meetings in Cambridge's Harvard Square, or join the discussion on our Google Group.

Thursday, Sep 28 2017 @ 7:00pm at Cambridge Main Library

Up Down Clown

Ninth Art Press is publishing “Up Down Clown,” a graphic novel by Whit Taylor.Taylor is one of the most distinctive voices in independent comics today, and her association with Cambridge-based Ninth Art Press includes editing the recent SubCultures anthology.


Lucky Kickstarter contributors (like me) are getting their copies of our friend Don MacDonald’s gorgeous historical graphic novel, “Machiavelli.”   Those less lucky will have to wait awhile for hard copies of the book to be available — but in the  meantime it’s there for the taking at Comixology. 


The first trade paperback volume of The Midas Flesh, collecting the first four issues of the science-fiction adventure series drawn by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb for BOOM Studios, is now on sale at Million Year Picnic and other fine comic book stores!

Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream

On sale at Million Year Picnic this week, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream: over 100 of today’s best cartoonists pay tribute to the great Winsor McCay, including BCR’s Jerel Dye (editor of Hellbound III). Other local creators include Raul Gonzalez (Low Riders in Space), Joe Quinones (Howard The Duck), Hans Rickheit (The Squirrel Machine),  and Maris Wicks (Primates).