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The Boston Comics Roundtable brings local cartoonists and writers together to collaborate, workshop and socialize. Comic creators of all skill levels are welcome at our weekly meetings in Cambridge's Harvard Square, or join the discussion on our Google Group.

Thursday, Sep 28 2017 @ 7:00pm at Cambridge Main Library

Activity Time at BCR this week

At our regular Thursday meeting, July 27, we’ll be engaging in a group, “creative constraint” activity, courtesy of Levon Gyulkhasyan.  The exercise is called “double translation” and it works like this:

  1.  Each person randomly chooses  icon “prompts” (ie. little pictures of symbols, objects etc) for inspiration, then…
  2.  …writes a one-page, 5 or 6 panel comics script.  Which is then passed to the person on your right.
  3. Each person draws the comic based on the script that has been passed to them.  Then passes the drawn comic again to the right.
  4. Each person reads the comic that has been passed to them, and writes a new script, based on their interpretation of the comic.

So it’s kind of like a game of “telephone,” where we see how closely the “adapted,” 2nd script resembles the first. Plus, everyone gets to write and draw a comic, so this is fun.

Here is a wordless comics instruction for the activity (by Levon):



Yes, don’t be late, because the activity will be starting pretty fast, so we’ll have time to complete it.

If you’re not sure if you want to do the activity, come anyway and give it a try, or just hang out and kibbitz.