Boston Comics Roundtable

The Boston Comics Roundtable brings local cartoonists and writers together to collaborate, workshop and socialize. Comic creators of all skill levels are welcome at our weekly meetings in Cambridge's Harvard Square, or join the discussion from anywhere on our Google Group.

Our Next Meeting: Thursday, Apr 02 2015 @ 7:00pm at The Cambridge Public Library

Whit Taylor’s “Up Down Clown,” from Ninth Art Press

Ninth Art Press is publishing “Up Down Clown,” a graphic novel by Whit Taylor. Taylor is one of the most distinctive voices in independent comics today, and her association with Cambridge-based Ninth Art Press includes editing the recent SubCultures anthology.

Thursday 3-12 Meeting Presentation: A look back at BCR anthologies

This Thursday, Dan Mazur will present, a little walk down memory lane, relating the history of BCR anthology publishing, and bring in examples of all the anthologies that have come out of the group, including some rarities. Inspiring anecdotes and cautionary tales — you may never look at a BCR anthology the same way again!