Boston Comics Roundtable

The Boston Comics Roundtable brings local cartoonists and writers together to collaborate, workshop and socialize. Comic creators of all skill levels are welcome at our weekly meetings in Cambridge's Harvard Square, or join the discussion from anywhere on our Google Group.

Our Next Meeting: Thursday, Oct 02 2014 @ 7:30pm at The Cambridge Public Library

Hellbound V will be out so soon, it’s scary!

  Hellbound V: End of Comics Marks the End of an Era BOSTON, September 22 - The Boston Comics Roundtable, in conjunction with River Bird Comics, is pleased to announce the publication of Hellbound V: End of Comics. Aptly themed, this will be the final installment in a series of original horror comics anthologies from some of Boston’s […]

We’re watching “Cartoon College” before this Thursday’s meeting….

…6:00 pm at our *new* usual meeting place: room L2 at the Cambridge Public Library.  Our *new* regular meeting place has a screen and projector, so we’ll watch the documentary “Cartoon College,” made a few years ago about the Center for Cartoon Studies. 75 minutes long, so the regular meeting will start at 7:30.  Come, […]

“Pigs Might Fly” from Dye, Abadzis, Leake

Two BCR people (Dye, Leake) and a recent MICE guest (Abadzis) are involved in this exciting book.  Jerel Dye calls it:   An all ages steam punk (diesel punk?) graphic novel to be published by First Second. … Nick Abadzis, of Laika fame wrote it, I am illustrating it, and Laurel Lynn Leake is doing the color…”

SubCultures anthology

Published by BCR affiliate Ninth Art Press, edited by Whit Taylor, and featuring work by lots of BCR members and other Boston-area artists (and great artists from all over), the SubCultures Anthology is a collection of comics about various subcultures.   Coming in September, and available for preorder now at (Cover art by Box Brown)

Last Night at the Democracy Center

BCR held its last regular meeting at the dear old Democracy Center last night, after six years.  We shared our favorite memories of the place, there was laughter, tears, loud noises from the improv group in the next room… and we did a jam comic (for a better look, see the BCR Tumblr).  Everyone should always support the Democracy Center, a bastion of ramshackle progressive independence in the now all-too-corporate Harvard Square.  But for BCR… on to the Cambridge Public Library!

RIPexpo This Weekend in Providence!

If you’re in  Providence this weekend, check out the Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPexpo), a brand new independent comics show. Lots of BCR members and friends will be exhibiting!  It’s at the Providence Public Library, 150 Empire Street, Providence.  August 2&3, 12-6 pm both days.  All info here: